The fourth part of Live for 175 began with a heart shaking story from a woman named Anna. Kekeluv interviewed her live and introduced us to "Anna Shakes."
10 years ago a great friend of mine and mentor gave me the best advice ever regarding our annual 7 day event. You could use this advice for pretty much anything in life.

"Something will happen in your 7 days that you won't expect. It's not something you can prepare for or predict. A great leader just rides the wave and let's the listener shift the direction. You have to be willing to surrender to your fans and give them control."

I do that every year and can trace back to the few calls that shifted the direction of this event. This year a lady walked in and I felt it important to go live immediately. Her story to follow, but the that hand she's holding up shakes because of her abuser. Abuse is REAL. Here's part four of true heroes that stand up against that type of behavior. These people stand up for the ones who can't stand up for themselves.