We're getting ready for this year's Live For 175 and Cycle to Break the Cycle is what gave the power to the community. Check out how the bikes empower our listeners to stand up against child abuse.

Cycle to Break the Cycle is powered by this, The Ike Project.

Cycle to Break the Cycle is the twist that empowered our listeners to say, "It Shouldn't Hurt to Be a Child." This box called, "The Ike Project" was built by our engineer and crazy team of creative geniuses. This is what your pedaling charges that powers the radio station to go live for 175 hours. It works! It also shuts down when you don't produce enough power and that's happened several times. The best part is we've taken all the focus off of just me and given it to the people. You pedal the message with your physical ability and your heart. So many of our listeners come out to cycle for friends, family and themselves. Cycle to Break the Cycle has become a group activity with a message.

I've watched people that can't walk emotionally get on a bike and will their way to pedal. There will always be a few moms and dad with kiddos strapped on cycling. I remember entire classes, first responders, and the countless hours of heartache from listeners with their own story. Live For 175's Cycle to Break the Cycle gave people a way to communicate and show support.

We began cycling in 2013 and haven't looked back since. This is home to our Olympic gold medal cyclist, Kristin Armstrong. She hasn't just won one. Kristin has made history being the only person to win 3 consecutive gold medals, in the same discipline. This is one gold medal mommy and her city loves the sport.


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This first year of cycling was also a disaster of weather that took me off the radio for half a day. I'll post a few photos and you can see I was pretty sick. The sun came out the next day and everything was perfect. This turns from a broadcast to an event where you really touch people. I spent hours sitting on the sidewalk with people who have never told a person about their abuse. I watched listeners ride by themselves with tears streaming behind the emotion blocking sunglasses. Don't think this is about bikes. This is about life. This is about us. We can no longer sit back and say, "that's just terrible." Child abuse, domestic violence, bullying, and sexual assault are ALL of OUR responsibilities to prevent.

I want to share some amazing photos and leave you with this. A child grows up and is abused or molested. The child is too scared to say anything and doesn't.  This fragile child grows up to be a kid that struggles with relationships and doesn't show affection. This kid grows up to be a woman and goes in and out of abusive relationships feeling like her self value is nothing. This woman turns 45 year's old and has lived with her guilt, low self esteem, and all the terrible relationships by herself. This woman turns 50 and her gift is to take her own life to free her from all the pain. This abandoned lady sees a sign, a group of people and turns on the radio. She sits consumed by listening to other people pour out their hearts and for the very first time in 50 years, she didn't feel alone. The day she gave up, someone on the radio gave her hope. The more she listened, the more weight would be lifted from her fragile heart. This little girl trapped in a 50 year old woman's body was free. She could now live without fear, guilt and for once she realized, it wasn't her fault.