It's raining Ben. Yes, that's actually what they're saying to promote the new bachelor Ben Higgins. Oh, friends, this is going to be a train wreck and a half. Join me on twitter so we can watch it live. @1035KISSFMBoise


I had forgotten that The Bachelor starts tonight after all the hype of "Making A Murderer" was all over Facebook. Since most of you were binge-watching this series, your time has been freed up to watch something that you don't have to use an ounce of your brain for. OH EMM GEE THE BACHELOR STARTS TONIGHT! I was browsing through the girls who are on the show and one of them (actually two) list their profession as "Twins". Uhhhh...come again? For a living you are a twin? No. You are born a twin. You can have a twin but you don't make a living off of the fact that your mother gave birth to two of you within minutes.


It's the little things that get me all fired up and so excited to watch the show.


This world has so much crap going on with the Militia Members in Oregon, political rants and debates, and the struggle of getting anywhere around the Boise State campus or Taco Bell Arena due to the Broadway Bridge closure that I want to take a minute to rest my brain. What better way to do it than to watch the most shallow television show of all time and share it with others who feel the same way?


I'll be on twitter tonight and far more excited than any normal person should be. Meet me around 6:45pm ish. To connect, let's use the hashtag #KISSBachelor


I'm already getting started: