Two local teens from two separate high schools came together last weekend making national news on their efforts to coordinate the March on Washington right here in the Treasure Valley. I got to interview them and get an inspiring look into who will be running our country. I will tell you this, it looks extremely brilliant!

Photo by: Ellen Hansen

Seems like teens get blamed for most of our problems in today's world. I think we often forget that it was us teaching our kids that have given them that, "entitlement attitude", that everyone talks about. Let's be careful before casting them out and remember that WE should also be held accountable. Today's worries shouldn't be blamed on our youth. Look in the mirror.

That brings me to this blog and I want to give a few teens some credit for what they've accomplished. We should ALL tell these two ladies how proud we are of them. If you don't agree with them, that's okay. Just make sure you respect them. Nora Harren and Colette Raptosh have earned that right.

Photo by: True Love Photography


Congratulations to Nora from Borah High School and Colette from Capitol High School. These two teens helped coordinate and lead our local march that gathered upwards of 7,000 in a snowy attendance on Saturday. I reached out to get their take on things and at least I know who to call when I run for office. Let me introduce you to the future, Nora and Colette.