What’s a beer and wine girl to do when she wants to impress her friends with cocktails at a house party?  Sign up for the subscription box that shows you how to pour ’em like a pro!

I’ve gotten sucked into the world of subscription boxes (please see my Stitch Fix addiction.)  My newest adventure makes it look like I’ve been bar-tending for years!  It’s called Shaker & Spoon. This subscription service sends you everything you need (except the alcohol) to make three different professional level cocktails in your own kitchen.  Any fresh fruit, syrups, bitters or garnishes you need to finish the three recipes (you can make each four times) are in the box along with the recipe cards, a glossary of bar-tending terms and a sheet with an introduction to your box and what’s inside it. The cards also tell you what kind of glassware to serve each cocktail in. Every Shaker & Spoon box focuses on a different spirit like rum, gin, whiskey, etc.

Syrups, Bitters and Nectar

My boyfriend and I love mimosas, so when I saw a “Celebrate With Bubbly” box that’s the one we had to try! Obviously, the spirit of choice featured for this box was champagne. Our box came with three syrups, a nectar, four sugar cubes, two bitters, four orange wheels for garnishing, three lemons and a grapefruit to make a “Kumquat Whynot,” “Pink Peppercorn Potion,” and “Time After Thyme.”

Recipe And Glossary Cards

We tried the “Kumquat Whynot” and “Pink Peppercorn Potion” and loved them both!  Each of them was sweet with a refreshing twist.  While each of the cocktails took me probably far too long to make (probably because I’ve never used a cocktail shaker in my life) the time it took was worth the result!  In fact, my boyfriend hates peppercorn, but couldn’t taste it at all in the “Pink Peppercorn Potion!”  He even asked how we could buy more supplies to make it again once we run out of the ingredients!

Fresh Citrus and Garnish

Well here’s the super cool part, if you like your cocktails that much, Shaker & Spoon sells a selection of their syrups for a reasonable price through their website.  That’s where you can also sign up for a single box ($50) or a monthly subscription that puts each box at a little cheaper than $50.  Their next box is called ¡Viva Mezcal! and features tequila.  Btw, if you don’t like a certain spirit featured in the upcoming box and signed up for a longer subscription, you do have the option of skipping that box.

Take a look at how my cocktails came out! Ready to join me behind the bar? Click HERE to learn more. (I’m also thinking these are gonna be bomb Christmas presents for some people on my shopping list this year!)

Shaker and Spoon sent me this box at no cost in exchange for an honest review.  All the opinions in this review are my own and those of my boyfriend who enjoyed the box with me.