Sometimes being behind the live telecast of the Today Show sucks! This was the story they were about to run when President Obama started to announce his new action on gun control.  If you're obsessed with the series this is a must read!

The women behind the binge watch worthy Netflix documentary sat down on the Today show Tuesday morning to discuss new information in the Steven Avery saga.  Lauren Riccardi and Moira Demos told NBC that someone who served as a juror during Avery's trial for the murder of Teresa Halbach reached out to them.

According to Riccardi, this juror told them that they did NOT believe that Steven Avery should've been found guilty.  The juror went on to say that they believe that Avery was framed by law enforcement involved in the case and deserves a new trial far, far away from the state of Wisconsin.

But for Avery to have been found guilty, didn't all jurors HAVE to vote guilty?  Yes, but this juror said several of his fellow jurors changed their votes because they feared for their own personal safety.  The juror went on to explain that the verdict was a compromise with jurors saying "if you vote guilty for this count, I'll vote not guilty on this other count."  They were hoping that mixed messages behind the verdict would force the appellate courts to grant Avery a new, long anticipated trial.

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