ICYMI on the show this morning or while watching our friends Maggie and Doug on KTVB, this story is a perfect reason why I'm very hesitant to date anyone I meet online.

Boise Police are investigating a robbery that happened around 9:00 Monday night at the Hyatt Place Hotel on Milwaukee.  According to the man that called police he was there to meet a woman from out of state that he met online.  When the two of them went oup to the room, another man barged into the room and stole several hundred dollars from the victim. Police ended up arresting a man matching the suspect's description as he left the hotel.  They also took the woman into to custody.

As of 8 AM they hadn't been formally charged with any crimes, but the case is still under investigation and charges may still be filed.

Call me naive, but this is a perfect example of why I'm terrified of the idea of online dating (but to be quite honest, this sounds more like a Craigslist situation than Match.com.)   While I realize that this case is still under investigation and the woman and the suspected robber are considered innocent until proven guilty, this story just screams that the woman set this guy up to be robbed instead of whatever rendezvous the victim had in mind.  I'd be so nervous that someone I met online would take advantage of my tendency to assume good will in people.