Every summer since I was in 6th grade, my Papa and I have gone to Pocatello, Idaho for the Senior Games. Through all of high school, college, and now working with 103.5 KISSFM, this is really the only "summer outing" I always make sure I have time off for.  My grandpa was the first person to get me exposed and in love with Track and Field.  This trip has become a tradition and is the most priceless time I set aside all year.  He's taught and continues to teach me invaluable lessons as I get older and I could only hope to develop into the amazing man he is on day. He's pushed me to think outside of the box, opened my eyes to new ideas and perceptions of the world...oh yeah, and won 2 gold medals last Tuesday at Idaho State University in the 100m dash and 50m dash.  Check out the photos and meet my hero, my papa, Howard!