When it comes to awkward situations, I am the absolute worst. I laugh a lot, I freeze up, and it’s safe to say I’m just an awkward person. The more I try and “adult” since moving to Boise, the more I realized that my life is a little crazy and there really are some things that are #JustMateoThings. Here’s my latest debacle.

I’ve been in town for about 3 weeks now and still haven’t quite moved into my new place entirely. Between being on the air and getting around town to meet people and check out cool restaurants, I usually am not home until midnight or later.

Upon signing my lease, I was given an assigned parking spot at my apartment complex and while there are better spots closer to my door that are unassigned, I figure if it’s mine I should use it.

There’s one problem: the same car keeps parking in it. I’ve parked elsewhere for the last few weeks, but this weekend was a game changer—the whole lot was full when I got home Saturday. I was annoyed having to park down the street, so I left them a note. By the time morning came around, the car had moved to a different spot and hasn’t parked in my assigned spot since.

My issue: I can’t park there now! I’m too embarrassed! What if they hate me!? What if it was a cute girl all along!? So, my assigned spot has been empty for 4 days now because I can’t be caught parking there! Am I crazy?