About a week ago I had this brilliant idea of turning Saturday's into "Caturday's."  I contacted the Idaho Humane Society and Allison Maier, Communications Manager for the shelter agreed to allow me to feature a cat each Saturday!

Allison told me that because it's summer, there's an increase in how many kittens the shelter has.  She also explained dogs get most of the attention when it comes to promoting pet adoption--welcome to Caturday, Boise!

This week we decided to feature 4 cats because they're all siblings.  These cats are without a home because the family that owned them lost their home in a fire. When they couldn't find anywhere to take them AND 4 cats, they were forced to surrender them.

  • Oscar is the oldest, he's 4 years old and is a complete lover cat.  He likes to lounge and steal all of your attention.
  • Harvey is 17 weeks old and a total superstar.  He wants more attention than ANYONE (because how could you not pet him!?).  Harvey was super talkative when I met him and loved to roll around on his back. I can see Harvey being a great new cat for any home especially with kids!
  • Sabrina is also 4 years old and loves being scratched behind the ears! She was most shy out of any of her siblings but sure loved some attention. For being 4, she wasn't much larger than her younger siblings. Small in size but HUGE in heart.
  • Lovebug is the baby of the family, just 12 weeks old. I liked her personality because she was so independent. She'd play with her siblings with me when prompted, but she liked to explore!

Since all of these cats are "siblings", it would be really cool if they could be adopted in pairs, however there are no restrictions on that if you decide to adopt just one.  They all come vaccinated, Spayed/Neutered, and Microchipped.  For more information on adoption and the Idaho Humane Society, click HERE.