Don't take my Maverik away from me!  McMillan and Locust Grove is a stop I make frequently and a place where Free Gas Friday was a huge hit! They've listed the stores soon to close and a plan for those employees. They've got a plan in place. We wouldn't expect any less from a company like theirs. 

Maverik wants to open four new locations in Boise but they also have to close three locations. Closing are:

  • 5200 Chinden Blvd.
  • 1909 West Boise Avenue
  • 9030 West Franklin Road

If any of these stores are yours, get your Maverik fix in while you can.

According to, Maverik Vice President, Aaron Simpson said,

While the decision to close these three stores was difficult, it was necessary for our continued growth in the Boise community.”

Employees who work at the stores planned for closure have been provided other employment opportunities within the company.