I wanted the photo my friend sent me of Thursday's McCall Star-News to be a lie.  4th of July in McCall is changing forever.

I live for 4th of July Weekend in McCall. We work hard at 103.5 KISS FM so it's almost my post Boise Music Festival mini vacation where I can go drink beer and hard iced tea while I work on my tan on North Beach...but this year? Not so much.

According to the Boise Weekly, the Idaho Parks and Recreation Board has voted to ban all forms of beer, wine and hard liquor from North Beach until 2019.  And don't even think about hauling your cooler up to North Beach via boat.  They're asking the Valley County Sheriff's Department to rope off the beach 300 feet from shore to keep boats from dropping people off on North Beach.

The decision comes after failure to maintain the 750 person limit put in place for last year's 4th of July celebration on North Beach.  Law enforcement said over 1,000 people still ended up on North Beach despite their attempts to restrict the crowd.

McCall city officials will run an intense PR campaign in Boise to alert people of the changes.

I don't know about you, but this changes my excitement about going to McCall for the 4th.  I almost rather stay in Boise, float the river during the day and hit downtown by night.