For those of you hoping McCall might change their mind about the alcohol ban over 4th of July weekend, this is your confirmation that the ban is real. Very real.

According to Boise Weekly, Boise residents will see an uptick in publicity materials publicizing the new rules beginning around Memorial Day Weekend. The timing makes sense since Memorial Day is widely considered the unofficial beginning of summer.

Here's a what you need to know about the former 4th of July party destination:

  • The city of McCall has now decided to ban alcohol from parks they control.  The newly approved ban will span Friday, July 1st at 12 AM to Tuesday, July 5th at 8 AM.
  • The new ban co-insides with the Idaho Department of Parks and Rec's band of alcohol at North Beach during the same window.

The report goes on to say that ISP issued 27 citations for underage drinking last year, including a 15-year-old female.  In addition 11 people were charged with DUI including 10 motorists and one boater.

Last year 4th of July weekend my guy and I spent about $200 in meals at some of our McCall favorites like Anchor, Pancake House, The Sushi Bar and Santa's Sweet Shoppe, $100 on drinks at Yacht Club, $100 on miscellaneous trinkets around town.  This year?  We'll probably stay home and spend that money in Boise.

Close to 80% of KISS listeners told us that they were planning to find alternate plans for the 4th, as well.  How about you?