Saturday night's Powerball jackpot is at a record $800 Million and we've opened up the 103.5 KISS FM "millionaire's club!" Meet the lucky people playing with us!

Michelle Heart

I'm the one that bought the tickets so obviously, I have to be in the club!  Let's be honest, I just want a share of the money to finally buy my backyard roller coaster...and a backyard to put it in.

Michelle Reyes

We love Michelle.  She's one of our die hard 103.5 KISS FM's winners, but we've got to teach her a thing or two about being a millionaire! With her share of the winnings she wants to buy a new car.  Which car did she pick? A Suburban.  With that kind of money, she could have a garage full of Suburbans!

Jess Stich-Hennen

Jess has her strategy down.  She's a quick picks type of girl when it comes to picking the winning numbers.  With her share of the winnings, the first thing she would do is go on a vacation because she never takes vacation.  We're pretty sure if we win on Saturday, Jess wouldn't have to worry about asking for the time off for vacation days because she'd never have to work again!

Melinda Adams

Melinda's over the fact that it's in the 20s in Boise.  With her money, she's headed off to somewhere warm.  The Bahamas? Hawaii? Cabo? She wouldn't have to chose if we hit it big!

Linda Cocklin

Linda's currently looking for a job, but if we win she's shredding her resumes and deleting her job search website profiles.  She'll be set for life and still be able to get the BMW that she wants!

So that's the whole gang! I'm going to the little Texaco on the corner of Broadway after the show Friday morning and buy five Powerball tickets.  If we hit anything, we will split the cash equally between the five of even if we win $4 that's Happy Hour Beers for everyone.  Wish us luck! Here's our numbers: