Call it complete dumb luck.  I was standing at the box office at the Revolution Concert House picking up my Ellie Goulding tickets when I looked to the right and saw this superstar!  He'd tried to call Keke several times during Live for 175 to show his support, but Keke was a little bit too out of it to connect with him at the right time.

I promised not to post this photo until the coast was clear, but Treasure Valley native and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul grabbed my lanyard and blue wristband for an incognito photo showing he supports the message "It Shouldn't Hurt To Be A Child!"  Thanks Aaron! Sorry, I drew a little crowd when we snapped this pic!

Michelle Heart/Townsquare Media Boise

Fun Fact: Aaron asked Ellie to perform at his wedding last year via Twitter, but she had to decline due to a scheduling conflict.  She's still good friends with Aaron and his wife, Lauren.  They were seen hanging out with her at Coachella a few weekends ago!