This year I made the New Year's resolution to run at least one race a month throughout 2016. I may have lived to tell the tale of my June run, The Bruneau Beast, but my time might be limited...

A few weeks ago, Chris Cruise told you about the whistle pigs (ground squirrels) found dead south of Boise testing positive for The Plague.  Well, little did I know that Bruneau Dunes, the location of the run I was doing was included in the "footprint" of the areas being affected by the plague. I unfortunately found that out from my boyfriend AFTER I got home from work that afternoon.

The race was tough enough as it was!  Honestly, I thought to myself "you are a special kind of crazy for signing up for this" less than halfway up the first sand dune.  The amount of sand in my shoes and socks, my eyes, my jersey made it hard to enjoy the really cool view from the spine of the dunes...but once I got to the finish line with my bloodied ankles, I decided I'd love to try again next year to prove I could do it better the next time.

But now I gotta be honest. I remember running through bugs on several trail sections of the course and I'm paranoid that they were the fleas making the ground squirrels and cats with plague sick! The last person in Idaho to be infected with the plague was diagnosed in 1992 and thanks to it being discovered early, they made a full recovery.  I'm hoping I don't become patient 0 this time! Apparently I'm hoping to NOT come down with fever, chills, headache or swelling of the lymph nodes.

Am I being a hypochondriac or should I legitimately be worried that I might get the plague?!