You have probably already heard about this 3 Jet Stand trip going to Las Vegas Halloween weekend.

I haven't been to Vegas since I turned 21 so this being my first time I need as many Idahomies to come with me as possible. is hooking you and I up with a trip of a lifetime and I want to be in Vegas with a wolfpack that makes people envious.

You may be hesitant because it is $940, but that's for two (2) people and think about what it's getting you. You get a private jet to Las Vegas which lands in a private airport which is greeted by our own limos to the Linq Hotel. Also included is tickets to the BSU vs. UNLV game on Saturday night, tickets to see Afrojack on Friday night and you may possibly also be going to see Calvin Harris on Saturday night.

All of that for under $500 a person. It's a steal! I know keke only has one pair to giveaway so you don't want to wait on that pair. I'm pleading to you, I need some homies to help me have my first Las Vegas Experience. A Three Jet stand with KISS FM is what you need this month.

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