Every year since I have turned 21, I become Irish for exactly 24 hours. St Patty's day is definitely one of my favorite holidays and all your supposed to drink is Irish, obviously.

Therefore I will post some of my favorite Irish Whiskeys, in no particular order. Just some stuff I like to drink and by the way let me know if I'm missing something.

1. Jameson: Easily the most recognizable and popular one on here, I just love Jameson. Its smooth, it tastes Irish, and the bottle is easy to hold in the hand. I won't say Jameson is the best tasting, but I sure love it a lot.

Chris Bellew / Fennells

2. Bushmills: I wouldn't say its my favorite by any means, but I sure do enjoy a glass or shot of bushmills every now and then. Its certainly one of the better Irish whiskeys out there, but again not in my top 2. Since I don't drink it often, from what I remember, its a little bit more rough when drinking it, but it was full of  flavor.


3. Tullamore Dew: This Irish Whisky is one of my favorites. Its smooth and flavorful. I'm going to say it, its straight up awesome. If you want a classy Irish Whiskey for a chill not and you aren't looking to be rambunctious, this is your whiskey. Put it on some ice  and just relax.


4. Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey: Is known to be one of the Three Irish Whiskeys, similar to the famous The Three Tenors. This Whiskey is whisky is just straight up delicious. Nothing else needed. Just try it.