As you know I went through The Terror's Estate a few weeks back. 

I have been updating you on my experience through this newest haunt here in the Treasure Valley. The Terror's Estate, which is located at 760 E. King St., Meridian, ID 83646, is in their second year, but they are running at full cylinders.

The difference between them and every other haunt here in Boise is they offer their extreme night. They offer a one of kind experience. After signing the waiver form, they have permission to bag your head, tie your hands up and more extreme and creepy things.

I had the privilege of going before they opened and got to experience their extreme night. I am a huge baby and don't like being scared, but I fully enjoyed being scared like this. I have never done anything like this, but after going through it, I think you will feel exhilarated  and so glad to be alive.

Just to show you how awesome and terrifying it is. Here is part 3 of my night.