Well it seems that the Miley Cyrus buying a house in Idaho rumors picked up a lot of steam over the weekend. Locally the story went viral as tons of alleged sightings were reported in the Garden City area.

Here's what we know so far.

1) "Alleged" sightings posted on twitter.

2) Multiple sightings of Miley "allegedly" seen in a black Yukon or Tahoe.

3) Real estate broker confirmed that she has been in contact with Miley's camp.

But perhaps the most damming evidence so far at these photos taken from a camera phone of Miley supposedly at the Boise Airport.


Now obviously I can't confirm the origin of these pics. In my opinion, the pictures don't tell me anything besides the obvious fact that she's at an airport. What's interesting is that the picture was sent directly from a local twitter account that has since been deleted. Was the picture taken discretely by a Boise airport employee? Interesting fact, the twitter account that sent these pictures was suspended by twitter and NOT deleted by the account holder. Attempts to contact twitter as to the status of the account have yet to be responded to.

So there it is. If you have any reported sightings of the Tongue Titan please post or send them to me @luckythadj on twitter.

- LuckyThaDj