Seriously, did anyone see the naked dude on the balcony of the Grove suites this weekend?!  Here's a look at who may have missed out of finding their one true love this weekend in and around the Treasure Valley.

You saw me on the balcony of the Grove – m4w (Downtown Boise)

Well, this is very awkward but I figured I would post it anyways in hopes that you see this because I am sure we are not from the same state/city.  I had an extra half hour in my hotel room to myself and afer a few glasses of spring sangria at Bardenay I was feeling very free.  I decided to go sit on my hotel balcony and read the newspaper naked.  I thought my suite was so high up that no one could see me.  But, I was wrong.  You, the very attractive blonde with huge knockers pulled out your camera phone and started taking pictures.  I freaked out, ran inside to grab one of those plush hotel robes and covered up.  When I walked back to the balcony you shouted something to me.  I’m not sure if you were impressed or disgusted, but if it was the latter please find me before I leave town to go back to Orlando! I only come to Boise once a year for business and I’d love to get you naked on my balcony too!

You Slept In My Bed Last Night – m4w (The Bench)

Me: A guy coming home to find you asleep in my bed.

You: Stunningly attractice blonde slightly undressed, smelling of codka and pizza.

Me: Strangely bemused, but too tired and distracted by other women in my head to care.

You: Gone this morning when I woke up.

Me: Trying to determine from roomates who you were, but they have no clue…but they’re not too conscious right now and think I’m making this up.

If you attended what must have been the most epic party in the Treasure Valley this weekend (I can tell from the mess) and slept in some guy’s bed, please hit me back.  I have some things here that might be yours.  Also let me know if you’ll be back tonight and I’ll change the sheets.  Finally, thank you for not taking my side of the bed.  THAT would have been awkward.

You Had An Affair With My Friend – m4w (Boise)

So, this is sort of weird but you had an affair with my friend while you two were both married and I think about it sometimes.  He showed me a few pictures of you and damn girl, that body!  Any chance you want to try someone else?  I can say for sure that I am in better shape and am a better looking guy than him.  Taller, more hair, ya know.  If this sounds like fun and sounds like it might be you, hit me up.