Was your Grandma shopping at Zurcher's this weekend?  If she was, there's a very nice 28 year old man interested in taking her out!

Old Enough To Be My Grandma – m4w Boise

I am a 28 year old male looking for a very mature woman who was wearing a red and black flowered shirt in the Boise Zurcher's parking lot. You had to be at least 60 years old.....Maybe older. I have always loved elderly women and you were just my type. I tried to give you my number but you declined. I don't think you realized that I had a carnal attraction to you. I know we have an age difference but that’s ok. I love the gentle touch of an experienced and elderly woman. From the smell to the touch of your wrinkly skin...mature women are my thing so please respond. I promise when I bite.... it will be enjoyable ;)

You Can Call Me Your Hubby's Name Anytime – m4w Garden City

We met at a Hawks game. We started talking while waiting in line for beer. You were drunk. I was drunk. We made out and then some. You told me you were married. I was so turned on that we were fooling around with each other while your husband was away watching the game. You kept calling me by your husband's name which only turned me on more. I know you were turned on too. You went to check on him and never came back. I have no problem if hubby wants to get involved. I am very much into group activities. If your husband is a bear please don't get him involved. Not into the hairy back thing. Assuming your husband is as hot as you said he is …I hope you BOTH will respond.

Ashley Buffalo Wild Wings - m4w - Nampa

You and I have met before and I am aware that you have some past relationship issues. I want you to know that I'm not judging you. I think you're a great lady deep down. With that said, I think you and my son would be perfect for each other. He is about 4 years younger than you but very responsible, has never broken the law, does not smoke, does drink (but is very respectful of alcohol and only drinks on occasion) but he has not been able to meet a good, decent, respectful girl because he works a lot. I want him to go back to college and finish his degree but that's not what e wants right now. I would love to set you guys up on a date. If you hit it off, great but if not you can just go your seperate ways. Maybe initially you could meet in a public place to sit down and determine if bot of you have interest in seeing each other again. I know my son wouldn't judge your past man issues either. My wife and I want our son to find a good woman to settle down with ad we're willing to give you a chance because you're an attractive woman with a good heard. This isn't a prank, we hope to hear from you soon!