Did you have a moment with a bleeding man in the parking lot at the mall this weekend?  If so, he thinks your cute...and says thanks for at least looking concerned about him.

BLEEDING IN THE PARKING LOT -m4w (Boise Town Square Mall)

I saw you walking into the Boise Town Square Mall. You were wearing a sexy tight dress with sunflowers on it. It showed off your panty lines which turned me on so much. I was the guy who was bleeding in the parking lot. You looked concerned which really made me feel special. I must be honest with you. I am missing some teeth and have an STD. I feel honesty is the best policy. Don't be alarmed by the blood. I hurt myself falling off a roof. It's a long story which I'd love to explain over a drink. Needless to say, I'm honest, I'm adventurous, and I'm into mysteries when it comes to the bedroom. If you wan to unlock this mystery, please respond!

YOUR FRIEND BURPED IN MY FACE – m4w (Pita Pit Downtown)

You were with a group of people downtown this last Saturday night. One of your friends called me a douche bag and then tried burping in my face. I think his name was Martin. You defended me to your friends which I thought was freakin' awesome because you didn't even know me. You smelled like weed which I think is so bad ass! Your boobs caught my attention and they really turned me on! I hope you don't mind but I took your picture when you weren't looking. Let's just say, I've gone to sleep starting at your boobs every night since I took that snap shot. I moonlight as a photographer... I'd love to take your picture again but with a more intense environment. Just writing this got me all hot and bothered. Please respond. I know you don't know me but I'm a very sweet gentle giant. Please Let me shoot you and explore your wild side!

WANNA SEE MY SCARS? - m4w (Winco Eagle)

I am looking for the woman who was wearing the purple bikini at the Winco on State Street. I'm new to the area and I am looking for something strictly physical. You had the nicest breast I have ever seen. I can tell they were natural. I can tell that you also birthed children. That's ok. I like when women are broken in. I assume you are in your early 20's. I was the guy who asked you about the price of cantaloupe. I have children too but I never see them so they will not complicate things. I'm in my late 40's and have some miles on my body too. Young women like me because I'm young at heart. I have many scars on my stomach and buttocks but have been told they are sexy. So what do you think? Wanna see my scars?