Were you the fisherman who let the fish win on the Boise River this weekend? Or the girl singing karaoke at Terry's? Your forever after might be looking for you on Craigslist!

Fisherman on Boise River today - w4m - 21

Floated down the river with a friend and saw you fishing off the edge of the river under one of the bridges. Wanted to talk more but we were moving too quickly. As we floated past you, I couldn't help but stare at your tight, hott butt. I think you had blue paint or something on your shorts and it just drew my eyes in. I couldn't help it. That's when it happened. You got a bite on your line and the fish must've been a big one because it tugged on your line enough to send you plunging into the freezing cold river. You looked so cute losing your balance and I was ecstatic that the current caught you quick enough to sweep you past our raft again! You were sticking your hands out of the water as if you were waving hi and all I could muster up the courage to do was wink at you as you drifted past us. In hindsight, I think you had your hands out of the water hoping we would help you get out of the water. Sorry that I totally spaced that. I did end up calling fire and rescue for help, so I hope they got to you before anything bad happened. I just moved into the area and am hoping to find a fishing buddy who could show me some awesome places to fish in this area. If you think this is you, let me know what part of the river you were fishing at so a) I can apologize for leaving you in the water and b) we can go fishing one day!

boobs - m4w (Terry's On State)

I'm looking for that girl that hangs out at Terry's on State Street and sings karaoke.
I think you were in a band?
You work at a hospital?
Anyways, I just wanna see your boobs.
Text me a pic!

Married Chick From Work – m4w (Boise)

I worked with a girl for a while who I can't get out of my head. I know it seems like you're happy, and I know you now have other things going on,but you always seemed like you wanted more and seemed like you might been looking in my direction. I think if we were both single it might have been on and holy crap, I would have tried my hardest. You are so attractive and so cool for a chick. I'm not really a cheater so I kept urges to myself but I wanted to act on my feelings for you so bad. . ...that one time you bent over after showing me that you dropped your wedding ring down the drain in our break room and you had that Vneck shirt on. . ... Yea, I knew what you were doing and that messed with me so bad. Just to let you know, if you're reading this, even though you are still in a relationship, I would totally give you the best vacation from him you could ever dream of and keep it completely secret. I have absolutely no reason to tell anyone this and it would make my whole time at that place worth it. You've been with that dude for so long and I know you have cabin fever- we all deserve one little vacation in the City.