Are you a cute Domino's delivery driver that brought a guy high out of his mind a pizza on Saturday night?  If you are, he wants you to be his rebound girl!

Domino's Delivery Girl Last Night - m4w - 27 (Vista)

You delivered to my house last night (or this morning) at about 1:30am. I wasn't expecting to get such a cute girl when I opened the door...hence why I answered the door wearing nothing but a pair of "Got crabs?" boxers my buddies got me as a gag gift from Joe's Crab Shack.  I wasn't quick on my toes to get your number.  I'm sure you could probably understand why by the smell of the Mary Jane wafting out of my apartment and the number of empty Corona Light bottles spread across my floor.  You see, I just went through a bad break-up and was trying to smoke, drink and eat my pain away but after seeing your beauty with that bubbling hot pepperoni pizza at my door, I think I'm ready to re-enter the dating pool.  I mean you were hella hott compared to all the girls I swiped left on Tinder during my bender this weekend. I live of Vista and have a dog, you mentioned you have dogs as well, and that they would go crazy when you got home smelling her on you. Tell me what kind of dog I have, and maybe what you delivered to me so I know it's you. Hope you see this!

Century Link Door Knocker. Unloaded my Dishwasher, Smoked Tenderloin - m4w (Meridian)

Well, this was the most awkward customer service experience I ever had.  My internet router has been connecting and disconnecting for weeks so I finally called for service and they sent you.  An angel in overalls.  I'm guessing this was your first day on the job, since you spent most of the time on the phone with your supervisor about how to even reboot the router (something I've done myself about a zillion times.)  Eventually he got fed up with you and just dispatched another technician to my house.  While you waited you unloaded my dishwasher for me and smoked some tenderloins for me for dinner because you felt so bad about the technical difficulties you were having.  While I'm really upset with the service, I have to say your cooking was as incredible as your body.  I would do just about anything to have you naked, barefoot and in my kitchen.  Whatcha say?  I'll give you a great review on Yelp despite your crappy service if you come back again!

Discreet MILF neighbor - m4w (North End)

You are the sexy divorced MILF that lives next to me. I can't stop thinking about getting you out of those sexy dresses even though I am already in a relationship. You are a little older but would love to have a fun very discreet relationship with no strings attached. Your pleasure will be my main focus.  In fact, I've been building my own little Christian Grey type room in my basement.  It except it's blue, not red. I'm a ginger and a red room of pain plus my handsome red beard that I've been growing for 6 years is just too much red.  Any hoo If you think this is you and you're interested please describe our general location and what I look like. Look forward to hearing from you.