The C of I Yotes closed out their season with a win and a Yotes fan is hoping to score a win of his own with one of the fans he saw in the stands at Saturday's game.

Yotes game - m4w (Simplot Stadium Caldwell)

To the lady at the College of Idaho game today. You were dressed in dark pants and a white tank top.  While I questioned why anyone would be wearing a tank top while it was 53 degrees, I just dismissed it because you looked sexy as hell in it.  It was a gorgeous day and you were with your girlfriend and she was wearing a grey colored sweatshirt that said Carroll College on it. She was dressed much more appropriately but must have had a little bit too much to drink because when the Yotes scored she jumped  up so quickly that she slipped down the bleachers, spilling her bottle of water all over your white t-shirt.  I was so turned on seeing your shirt cling to your wet skin and hot pink bra that I couldn’t focus on the rest of the game! The last time I saw you, the two of you were headed back to the beer garden. I looked for you, but you must have left. Should this posting find you I would love to meet up with you, perhaps over a drink.   Wear that tank top again!

Beautiful Blonde at Alb. Parkcenter - m4w (Apple/Parkcenter)

Me: The guy playing around with the wine.  You were having a hard time selecting which bottle you wanted to take home to celebrate your boyfriend’s new job.  I told you just pick one of everything because it’d be easier that way.  I also told you to take me home with you because what says congratulations more than a little menages a trois?  And I’m not talking about the wine ::wink wink::

You: A beautiful, little blonde in shorter spandex and a darker gray hoodie sweatshirt.

I just wanted you to know that you are so very beautiful, and you made my night by laughing at my stupid joke...even though you backed away rather nervously.  I was half serious about that offer to join you and your boyfriend.  If you’re feeling adventurous shoot me an e-mail back.

Savers... Flannel Shirts and Black Clothes - m4w (Nampa)

You and I talked at Savers. I gave you my cart for all your black clothes.  You clothing was rather emo and dark for my taste so I suggested that you throw on some flannel and come back with me to my farm.  I think you in flannel, ankle deep in cow poop would be extremely sexy,  You told me guys flannel shirts are better than girls and that you are lactose intolerant so you have no desire to help milk cows. I don’t know how old you are... but wanted to say that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen even if you are super emo and dark. Tell me what I was buying and lets chat...