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Seems like a lot of people missed out on love over Thanksgiving weekend...on Tinder and at restaurants!

Jordan...Tinder - w4m (Boise)

We were talking for a few days, but I deactivate my Facebook account because my ex-boyfriend’s mom kept messaging me picture of their Thanksgiving dinner with captions like “If you hadn’t cheated on my son, you could be enjoying this meal too” and “this empty place setting was for you, but you’re a cheating skank.” That’s neither here nor there...I just didn’t realize that I couldn't log into Tinder without that. We talked about me coming to see you where you worked, which I still want to. I should have given you my phone number, but I didn't :( If by chance you see this and want to talk some more...or maybe go hang out at a dive bar, get back at me :)

JBs Restaurant - m4w (Meridian)

I know u will never see this but what the hell. To the girl sitting in the corner with all the employees. You must of been the manager. You are beautiful. You had brown boots had to leave and get back to work after one of your employees threw a piece of apple pie at a man that I can only assume was her ex-husband the way she was screaming at him about being a horrible baby daddy and not getting her child support check on time. What a waste of pie. I’ll never forgive her for her outburst because it caused me to miss my chance with you. If you remember me, tell me what color tie I was wearing…

Meridian Denny's thanksgiving night shift manager - m4w

So we were talking about you buying a new car and me Black Friday shopping with my sister while I waited for my to go order. You said there was no way you’d ever go Black Friday shopping again after you got clocked in the eye and watched a grown woman take a PS4 out of your daughter’s hands at Walmart last year. We were flirting and I was going to ask for your number but you got called into the back to help before I could do it. Your name was Mariah you had blond hair with a piece of egg from someone’s Grand Slam hanging from it. You didn’t see it, but I thought it was cute. Reply to this and let's see if maybe we can get to know one another.