Oh geeze! Someone in the Treasure Valley actually bought "Beard Bauble" Christmas Ornaments.  Worse yet?  Some woman found them really attractive!

IHOP Last Night - m4w

I was at the IHOP in Nampa last night around 2:30 AM.  When I walked in you dropped your fork and stared at me with your mouth hanging wide open, like you just watched Jesus himself walk into the room.  You said you like my beard and would never forget how bushy and soft it looked underneath all the Christmas ornaments hanging from my whiskers.  Thank you! I’m glad you liked the bear baubles, because I’m thinking of investing in the company.  Anywho, I thought you were pretty cute yourself, but I was just too shy to say much (and probably too drunk off eggnog I had at our Christmas themed No Shave November kick off party.) If you you think this is you, message me with what color ugly sweater I was wearing.

Outside of the Balcony Last Night - m4w (Boise)

This was last weekend on Halloween. We talked for a bit after leaving the Balcony.  You were upset because your friends ditched you.  You were crying and said the only thing that would make your night better was a Swagger Roll from the sushi place on Captiol.  You were dressed as a corpse bride and were having a hard time walking in your thigh high leather boots, so I gave you a piggy back ride to the sushi place.  After we ordered, I went to the bathroom.  Imagine my surprise when I came back to the table and found you not eating the sushi, but trying to get it to your arms and asked me to eat it off your skin.  It was a bit strange, but a bit hott.  I did what you asked then ordered an Uber to take you to your apartment.  I’m regretting that now, I wish I’d brought you home with me.  If this sounds like you tell me what costume I was wearing and let’s Netflix and Chill sometime.

Sexy barista – m4w – 22 (Fairview)

Quite frankly it was a rough morning to say the least! I was hungover and felt like total crap however you made my morning! You are sexy and have a killer smile. You were trying to engage me in conversation and were a bit flirtatious but I was completely out if it. I was hoping you didn’t notice how much of a mess I was, but something tells me the fact that I walked into the coffee shop with a gallon of that lime green Gatorade that people can only stomach when they’re trying to get over the world’s most wicked hangover may have tipped you off. If you were able to overlook that, the fact that I ordered 3 bacon and cheese biscuits for just myself probably gave it away. I desperately needed to soak up rest of the Fireball that was still in my system after my buddy’s birthday party. Looking back I wish I would have said more in my drunken stooper you seem like a one of a kind girl.

I don’t know why I am posting this on here but it’s the only way I thought I might be able to reach out to you. If you see this, shoot me an email and tell me where you work.