We always knew the men of the Meridian Police Department were good looking, but one of the officers clearly left an impression on a woman pumping her gas this weekend!

police officer eye candy - w4m - (chevron on main in meridian)

You didn't pull me over, thank god. You got coffee and gas. I was the brunette you held the door for.

If nothing else you brightened my day by checking me out. I could feel your eyes on me and was so flattered that I had to call my BFF right away and tell her about the hot cop that just checked out my butt in front of everyone at the Chevron. That's when she reminded me that my short leather skirt made me look a little bit like a hooker. You weren't thinking about arresting me on prostitution charges were you? I swear I'm just your girl next store, dressed up for a night drinking martinis at Twigs! Now I'm wishing I had been pulled over because you would've gotten my information. Tell me what I was wearing. It's not a very forgettable outfit.

P.s. I know his last name. It was on his uniform..... So you can't very well pretend!

Downtown Winco - Throwing your nuts... - m4w (Boise)

A few weeks ago I went to Winco for lunch to pickup a few items. You came in behind me and just started throwing all these little bags of nuts up on the checkout line. It seemed like you had a little pent up aggression. Sexually frustrated, maybe?

Sorry if I was staring so much but you had a smoking hot body, and your outfit was a bit on the see through side.... I could see your bra and panties, and the sexy curves of your naked body underneath.

I wish I would have said hi... or something but since you looked a little pissed off, I said nothing.

If you happen to see this and want to reply that would be great, this isn't a "you are the most beautiful women in the world and I have to meet you because I want to marry you" kinda post.

You just had a smoking hot body and a nice little see through outfit, and I wish I would have said hi and help you release whatever that pent up aggression you were taking out on those little bags was. You know what I mean. I have a new mattress at home and it needs some breaking in. I think you'r just the woman to help me with that.

Gorgeous woman with a Huge, Picture Perfect Ass - m4w - (Nampa Costco)

I was shopping at the nampa costco today around noon and there was a drop dead gorgeous woman there with the most perfect shaped, big round ass. I couldn't stop staring. Anyway, if you were there today and think this might be you, send me a message and put what kind of pants you were wearing in the subject line. I'll send a picture to you if I think it's you. And yes, it's a picture of your ass...that I took while you were bending over to put the case of bottled water under your cart. Dat ass. Honey, I haven't been able to stop drooling over that pic on my phone since I saw you. I need you to hit me back so I can grope it...if anything just once.