We're a little disturbed that a couple at the Elton John concert felt a little inspired by Gaga's debut appearance in American Horror Story last week...

EJ Concert next to us - Couple4W (boise)

You were next to us enjoying the concert, noticed you were looking at my wife's butt. Come to find out she was looking at yours too and thought you might be into her. If she was right and maybe you want to do a little exploring with us, we would definitely be interested. Last week’s American Horror Story got us in the mood to bring someone else with us into the bedroom. We promise not to kill you! We just think the few subtle things that happened at the Elton John concert were something we all enjoyed. Point out what those were and put them in your reply if you’re interested in some fun with me and my wife!

Lady in curlers at Tobacco connection - m4w (boise)

Tobacco connection last week. I was there getting refills for my e-cig when a vision of beauty walked through the door. You had to be able 250 pounds and rocking a Minions onesie. I was impressed that such a big, beautiful woman could stuff herself in those kind of PJs. I was even more impressed that you had the guts to wear it out in public. You were in curlers and I thought that was really cute. Sadly, the store employees escorted you out because they had a sneaking suspicion that you were high so I never got your number. I'd really like to talk with you. Maybe we can take a trip to Oregon and light up a few since you’re into that.

Girl of My Dreams--Winco - m4w (Boise-Fairview)

I just have to get it out because I'm dying inside remembering the way she had about her. She was a beautiful blonde woman and she had a sweet young toddler boy in her basket that was very well behaved. She was wearing a knit dress and had the most amazing glow about her. I wondered why a woman as such was shopping alone. I didn't notice a ring but then again you can't go by that these days. I was the average height slender guy with short brown hair blue eye that was respectful and yet couldn't keep my eyes off you. Love at first sight if there is such a thing and I wanted so badly to say hello but given the circumstances and that you looked busy. I hope I didn’t blow my chance when you brushed past my arm in the beer aisle and I dropped my six pack of Pumpkin Harvest Shandy. Several bottles of it broke on your feet and you looked at me horrified as shattered glass flew everywhere. You yelled some profanities at me about drinking girly beer and putting your toddler in danger because I was too clumsy to function. I just politely smiled, nodded and possibly drolled a little. If you are reading this, just know there is a great guy out there that found you to be the finest lady I have ever set my eyes upon in Boise Idaho. I'm not as klutzy as you think I am and would love to enjoy a girly beer with you one evening.