Karen Lehr from Channel 6 is one of the prettiest faces on TV in the Treasure Valley and clearly someone on Craigslist appreciates that!  You can totally tell by his epic love poem we found on Missed Connections!

An ode to Karen Lehr from Channel 6 - m4w (My TV (Weekends)

From opposite worlds, may our worlds collide,
Winter is coming, and so are cold nights,
You read the news, I make the music,
Together as one, on our unsinkable ship,
I'm 6'6", if you want a tall man,
I can make cute babies if that's part of your plan,
Yes I know I'm goofy and I know I'm awkward,
I just want your love I'm not a stalker,
If you ever read this baby, just take a chance,
Karen Lehr, may I have this dance?

Pee test cutie pie - m4w (Mountain Home)

You were leaving Avertest drug testing and I was standing there in basically all green. You got in a Hyundai. I thought you was a sexy little thing in your skinny jeans and thigh high leather hooker boots. How I can hear from you?  I don't care if you were giving a pee test because you were trying to get a new job or if you were there getting tested for some other reason like parole.  DUIs, getting busted for pot.  Those things happen and I'm not juding you.  Now if that pee test shows you're preggers or somethin' that's a different story.  If anyone knows her this beauty and she's not married.. Help a brotha out!

Hottie in Black at 7K Hotel - m4w (Garden City)

This isn't really a missed connection since I was driving by and you had your back to me but damn girl, you were rocking that black dress as you walked from the office of the 7K Motel in Garden City (Chinden and Orchard) on Tuesday afternoon at about 1:15 or so!  Your sexy sandals that laced all the way up to your knees gave me an idea of what you do for a living.  (Plus, I used to run a very successful brothel in Nevada.  I know what you working girls look like.) I wanna see more of you and maybe get a sample of your services!  If they're up to standard, I can probably get you a job at my old ranch.  My brother runs it now and kept me on board as a "talent recruiter" and baby I think you have what it takes to make a lot of money in the industry!  Drop me a line and show or describe the back of that sexy dress so I know it's you!