We're fairly sure that there's a priest somewhere in the Treasure Valley that just broke all of his vows by trying to track down a girl that visited his confessional.  Do you have a thing for men in the clergy?

Cutie In The Confessional – m4w

At risk of losing my job, I won’t say which Catholic church in the Treasure Valley this happened at because you and I both know.  You were in my confessional booth today and confessed to a bunch of stuff including cursing, impure thoughts and stealing a fish.  I’m pretty sure this might go against one of my vows or something (probably a minor one) but I snuck a peek at you as you were leaving and you’re smoking hot.  Look, I’ll admit the thing about your stepdad weirded me out a little, but I can definitely get past it.  Let’s see where this leads.  Please respond with the number of Hail Mary’s/Our Father’s I assigned you as penance along with that other messed up thing you confessed about the hamburger patty and your doctor so I know it’s you!

Woman With Asymmetrical Haircut at Shige – m4w

You were sitting with your friends at the Shige Express on 8th Street in Downtown Boise.  You were doing something on your phone and you were laughing.  You had a cool asymmetrical haircut and you looked so worldly.  I was also impressed that you’d just broken your own sushi eating record and downed 47 plates of sushi.  My record is 18.  I look like such a pansy compared to you.

Anyway, I took a secret photo of you that I had printed and framed.  I keep it by my pillow at night.  I want to be able to give you the world and more if only I could find you again.  I’ve eaten at Shige every day since I saw you there trying to find you.  E-mail me back with your favorite type of sushi roll so I know that it’s you.

I’m Sorry For Giving You Mono – w4m

I can’t go to Karcher Mall anymore without thinking about you and your little brother to the pet store that day that you were really, really sick.  We pet the bunnies together.  When you told me about the chinchilla you used to have in high school, it was one of the only times I felt normal.  I had one growing up too and everyone told me how ugly Mr. Fluff-Bottom was.  They always asked me why I didn’t have a “real pet” like a golden retriever or cat.  I fell in love with you so quickly that I grabbed your face and made out with you right there in the pet shop.  Unfortunately, we were escorted out of the store and your little brother kept asking questions about why.  Even more unfortunate, turns out I had mono and ended up giving it to you.  I haven’t heard from you since I confessed that I gave you the kissing disease.  Did you change your phone number?  I’m healthy now and want to kiss you again.  Tell me what your brother named the goldfish we bought him so I know that it’s you!