I saw you at the BSU tailgate... I told you that you were handsome at WWE last night in Nampa... You work at Family Dollar and cleaned the floors. This is just the beginning of Missed Connections Monday. Are you who they are looking for?


Flasher in the Valley


Just curious what responses come up in the valley. I read once a missed connection about a girl who saw a guy peeing and enjoyed the view so was curious, what do ladies like and would they flash and would they like to catch a guy flashing


Family Dollar Mopper


You work at the Family Dollar and you are the best. The floor was freshly mopped and I didn't want to mess it up. You grabbed my arm and walked me across the wet floor. What you did and the way you did it, felt good. I haven't forgotten you. If I'm lucky enough to hear from you, just tell me your name so I know it's really you. What a glorious month we spent together. It ended to soon, and to abruptly for a clean break. Do you even miss me, or did I get used and then blindsided. I respect your need to close other loops in your life, but I feel that in doing so you may have closed ours. I miss your friendship, I miss your passion. To many unanswered questions...and I'm a man that need answers to move on. If you miss your big spoon and our snuggle sessions, I'm here waiting for you.


WWE Double-Fister


Saw you at WWE last night in Nampa. You were standing by the beer area, double fisting beers. You had a gray Carharrt shirt on with a hat. Your buddy next to you had a flannel on and tatted up. I had the nerve to tell you that you were very handsome and thanked me for the compliment. You were seriously the most handsome man I've ever seen.

BSU Tailgate Cutie


I was tailgating at BSU - Saturday. We made eye contact, and I knew there was a connection, That second look was sexy. You were slim, good looking. Email and describe yourself


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