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Did you encounter a cutie at the aquarium? Did a hottie make your heart flutter at the juvenile detention center? You might be in Boise Missed Connections!

Every Monday Cruise & Box read Missed Connections from the Boise Craigslist. Normally it’s a run-in at a gas station, a glance at a restaurant, or a lost love. Here’s some of the strangest Missed Connections we spotted this week:


Tall Dark & Handsome - W4M (Boise)

I've never done this, but I do always enjoy reading these, secretly hoping one will be for me someday. You work at the Ada County Juvenile Detention Center. I've seen you there on the few occasions I've unfortunately had to be there. I like you! I always smile at you. Do you read these?! You're tall, really tall, & I'm pretty sure you ride a bike. Reply if this is you. I'd love to get to you know you better if you'd be interested & if that's even allowed.


Tabitha @ Boise Aquarium - M4W

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen...on land :) I don't live in Boise but I have been to the aquarium twice now and cannot get enough of you :). I just want to be part of your world Tabitha!

P.S. I'd pay so much money to see you in that mermaid outfit haha :)
P.P.S. Maybe it's time to....keeess the girl?


Girl @ Pie Hole on Broadway After Twenty One Pilots Show

I was at pie hole with my friend after the twenty one pilots concert on the 8th and a girl walked in with her two friends. We kept making eye contact and checking eachother out, so I assume shes interested. Anyway, I wanted to talk to you but I had to leave, so I'm hoping you find this.


Alberton's - 5 Mile - M4W

Rib Eye - Lobster and Coors light - we met at the meat counter and then again at the cards. We had a lovely chat and I asked if you? - what? and you said that would only get us in a lot of trouble. I told you were Beautiful - Great Smile and other things - All True All True! Would LOVE to keep chatting with you - You were so fun and exciting. Hope to hear from you.


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