My bestie actually reads through the e-mails she gets every day (I on the other hand have 2,067 unread e-mails in my Yahoo! account right now) and came across this amazing deal for this year's Dirty Dash!

If you haven't done Dirty Dash up at Bogus Basin before, you need to add it to your Treasure Valley bucket list.  Technically it's a "10K Mud Run" but I'll be honest, I'm actually a runner and I ran very little of it because the hills were so steep!  The first half of the course is like that and is peppered with hay barrels, tires, walls and other mud covered obstacles for you to power through so you can get to the top of the mountain.  That's the home of the beer chug!  Enjoy a couple Nattys up there and then prepare make your way down the hill into the inflatable obstacle course, slop-n-slide and into the best part of the entire race...the final mud pit! I did backstroke through it was year and came out with mud in my teeth and all!

Sounds like fun, right?  Well then take advantage of this promo code that my friend found in her e-mail.  In honor of Mother's Day and a woman who gave birth to 69 children over the span of 40 years back in the 1700s, Dirty Dash is offering TWO registrations for just $69! Normally your registration would cost you $55 for ONE person this late in the game.  Just use promo code MOMBOISE when you register to take advantage of the deal!