The very first time I got asked to a high school dance, the first thing I wanted to do was go tanning.  It was February in Ohio and I wanted to be tan and pretty, not pasty white.  I ignored the dangers of tanning beds and continued to as an adult.  This picture makes it easy to change my mind.

I was probably 24 when I decided to stop using tanning beds completely.  I remember looking at a photo of me outside China Blue one night and going "wow, I'm so dark that doesn't even look like me."  The very next day I changed my tanning package to spray tanning only.  And I'm glad I did or I may have turned out like Tawney Willoughby, whose selfie is going viral.

Tawney shared the photo to encourage people to stop tanning.  She used tanning beds 4-5 times a week from high school on.  Her first skin cancer diagnosis came at age 21.  Now at age 27 she's had basal cell carcinoma five times and squamous cell carcinoma once.  Although lucky to have avoided melanoma, she pointed out that she has to have skin cancer removed at almost every check-up she goes to.  Tawney's now facing her biggest fear...that tanning may prevent her from seeing her two year old little boy grow up.

If you weren't convinced before to give up the fake bake and take extra care in the sun, are you now that you've seen this photo?