Today's quote comes under that umbrella of Domestic Violence Awareness. I loved this song before and after watching the video, amazed. This meaning is something EVERYONE should read. This is the difference between true happiness and living life behind the mask.October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and this song falls under that umbrella. I've stood up against abuse and violence in the home for almost ten years. This subject never gets old or tired. I've learned over that decade that sometimes it takes that long to gain the strength to speak. Some might think it's like a switch and you can just walk out or leave. Life isn't that easy, and our emotions are delicate than anything we know.

Scars to your Beautiful is an equally breathtaking song when you can look beneath the surface. Women tend to listen to lyrics and meaning compared to men who love the bass. That's not a diss; guys want something to sound good in their ride. Women gravitate to songs that mean something more than the sound of a kick drum.

Alessia's song has DEEP meaning, and you see more of this message from various stars. Scars to your Beautiful speaks to the soul and the surface of your imperfections. I think it's the one thing we all share, not being perfect. This song explains the message with people that aren't actors, but struggle with their flaws. I love this video because these people explain how they got through a difficult time and to embrace these supposed, "defects." The magazines, models, and movie stars aren't reality. Alessia shows you reality with a message from their moments.

Share this message and help someone gain back their confidence. Domestic Violence can breed in these areas and without confidence, you might lack the strength to walk away. Make this video your theme song to YOUR movie, your life. Let the people into your life that accept you for those little quirks that make you who YOU are. Your real friends love you for those things.