Today's quote is a powerful message that should be heard everywhere. The Olympics are getting criticized for its double standard take on Olympians. Gymnast and 3-time gold medal winner, Simone Biles said it best. 


Let's keep the Olympic themed quotes coming as the Americans are running the table at this year's Summer Games. USA's total count is at 70 right now with 26 gold medals. The next closest is China with 46 medals. Expect more medals as we head into the final week.

There's so much to be said about the amazing athletes and their stories. Each is unique. Different. Special. I will highlight some of these this week, but wanted to call attention to Simone Biles most recent quote that has everyone talking. I would be doing exactly what people are complaining about if I said, "Check out this tiny, 4 foot 8 inches tall bombshell on a beam!" As I was writing something like that came to mind in describing the moment, and it's sad. It's sad because she's an athlete. The commentators don't say, "Michael Phelps ladies and gentlemen, ripped like something out of a GQ magazine glides through the water and took gold again!" That is what we do to women. Shame on us.

Let ME say how proud I am of these powerful women who put their lives at risk every time they take off. Each and every gymnast is just one flip away from tragedy. These athletes are truly breathtaking in their abilities, and we should be so fortunate to witness their greatness. With that, I leave you a quote from Simone Biles, the 3-time gold medalist.