I'm sharing a quote that doesn't have an author from what I can find. This person is brilliant though and SO MANY people on social media should read. Most of us fail this test and it's very destructive. Follow it.

I don't know how many times I've really gotten in to arguments on social media with people. It's been a long time. I've learned that people don't really care what you said yesterday. Life is going so fast, social media is flying in one eye to the next and sometimes you feel the energy slowing being sucked out of you. So, why do you go back and forth with people you don't even REALLY know? It's you're own worst enemy - you.

This quote is for you because it really does mean something. If someone doesn't like what you say, who cares? If you're opinion isn't the same, who cares? Why openly debate in REPLY, REPLY, REPLY, REPLY,...etc. Sometimes strength is in silence. Each time you reply in back and forth - anger is spewed. You can't take back those words, letters or point of view. Once you hit return on that keyboard - someone screen shot it never goes away. Each time you come back with something to prove a point, you get deeper in the hatred. So, just don't. Don't respond. Don't reply. Don't post a quote. Don't post a song. Don't acknowledge. Silence is a lot stronger than you think. An ex-boyfriend ACCIDENTALLY texts you...don't respond. Silence. Powerful.

Don't waste words on

people who deserve

your silence.

Sometimes the most

powerful thing you

can say is nothing 

at all. - unknown.