Yes, the reason I went to see this movie in the first place is because Zac Efron is pretty to look at.  Let's just get that out in the open first, but I really did enjoy this movie.  It's a Rom Com that flips the script and looks at dating/relationships from the guys' perspective and oh, do I have so many questions now!

Without giving away too much, the plot follows three twentysomething guys.  Jason (Zac Efron) and Daniel (Miles Teller)  are notorious players who keep women at enough of an arm's length to get what they want (sex) but bail from the situation at the "SO" moment.

Ladies you know that awkward "SO" moment right?  Where we've been "hanging out" with a guy for several weeks, so we get the urge to ask, "So...what is this?" or " this going anywhere?"

Their buddy Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) is their polar opposite.  He found the love of his life at 23 or so he thought.  When Mikey suddenly finds himself single, Jason and Daniel decide to make a pact with him to stay single leading to a series of scenes where the guys go to bars, use their time tested womanizing skills and start adding girls to their "roster."  The pact becomes complicated when in their own secret way, the guys find themselves spending a lot of time with just one of the girls on the "roster."

While most of the guys' philosophies on dating make you want to scream "DOUCHEBAG!" you can't help but like these characters. But their adventures do make you question how the male mind operates. Like, do they really have a roster of women they keep in rotation to try to keep things casual?  And do they really release a girl from the roster when she wants to get serious?

The movie only really focuses on two female characters: Ellie and Chelsea.  If I tell you much about them, I'll spoil the plot. I will say that Ellie had the best "should've had a v8" moment of the entire movie and I think the quote rings true in real life.  At some point she says: "You weren't there for me on a day when I really, really needed you and being there when someone needs you is all relationships are, Jason." So well said!

Sure some of the comedy is kind of crude, but the guys are easy on the eyes and it's a good look (maybe?) at how guys operate when we're not around.  If you're thinking about seeing it, I say go for it! It's not a waste of $8!

Michelle's Rating: 4/5 Stars