What started as a cute little "will the perfect couple find each other" idea has turned into "A perfect couple has truly found each other." The moment of truth was when the two tried on rings at Simmons Fine Jewelry.

Josh and Jessica didn't instantly connect but once they saw what they were looking for in one another, their relationship has become something neither thought possible through a radio promotion. Simmons Fine Jewelry must have the magic touch.

The new couple met with Danielle at Simmons and did a little ring shopping. If you're with someone you think might be your "Mr. Right", here's how ring shopping happens.

Now that Jessica knows exactly what ring she wants, will Josh get on one knee and propose on Thursday night (April 21st) at Ruth's Chris? The dinner is at 7pm and you're more than welcome to create that KISS paparazzi again and witness the moment we've all been waiting for.

Oh, by the way, Jessica met Josh's family this past Sunday at their weekly family dinner.

It went well. Really really well!