When I am feeling un-creative, or technology is just really letting me down..like most days. I tend to dig up old songs and listen to the things I have written in the past. This is the craziest of "time capsules". Do you even hear a song on the radio, or comes up on Pandora or some type of other music playing/social interaction website that just takes you to the exact time you had heard that piece of art??

I get that way when I hear songs like "Cute without the "E"" by Taking Back Sunday, or "Leaving through a Window" that whole record by Something Corporate. Instantly when any of those songs pop up, it gets me to thing exactly where I was, what I was doing, who I was doing it with! It's really a crazy feeling.

This weekend, I took some time to myself between Pepsi comas to think about my past. To have it some how open my eyes to what is currently going on in my life..trying to shed some light on the present. I am not really one to dwell on the past, with Ex/past relationships you are supposed to have learned and grow from the experience that you had. Grown from the mistakes, and the happiness or un-happiness that you had gained from certain experiences. I was listening to some old music that I had written around 2012 right before I moved to Boise. While, I don't think these songs are the best thing I have ever written in my whole life.. and they are way far from being finished..it's 2014! If I don't put these out now I will NEVER put these out.

With all that said, I remember being in a situation that I felt like I could not control when I was writing these songs. I found at like 70 songs just sitting in a folder on the internet..and that's one to many to just be chilling, and untouched (at least 2 of them had to come out of hiding). I left home when I was 18 and moved to Minnesota for a bit of creative schooling. Which kind fueled my "song writing bug", joined a band, and attempted to make song writing and production a career. Traveling, life experience, relationships, and the just world alone lit the match that sparked the fire.

Flash forward...

I lived in Las Vegas for a while, where I had a girlfriend that was older than me whom I basically lived with. We had are ups, and extreme downs. I remember meeting these Rapper-dudes, Rick Ciddy and Nyce Allen. Don't get me wrong there is talent all over Vegas, but these dudes had something. I ended up writing a ton of music with these guys! I can remember my Ex's face every time she walked though MY apartment door and Rick Ciddy, Nyce Allen, and Myself were making music. She never understood what I was attempting to do... TONS of negative energy! You could just feel it when she walked into my one bedroom apartment, right to the bedroom, closed the door. Not even saying hello, or coming to kiss me on the cheek, or anything. #TheWorst

Anyway, why I brought that up is..I was ranting about music that you hear and it instantly takes you to a place in time. I decided after a few listens that no matter how S**ty these songs sound, I need to put them up on some type of social platform. I'm putting up 3 and calling it a "Demo" of sorts..

So, here is my demo from 2012...even though its 2014. Entitled "Sorry Mom"! Here are 3 songs of my past that I know really well. If you like it share it, and when I get back up in running musically.. Ill put up some more. It's old to me.. but NEW to you!