After nearly 20,000 votes total, it has now come to two mutts vying for the position of Top Dog in the Treasure Valley. Their fate lies in your hands. Who will you move to the top spot? Will it be Indy or Kindle? 

Emerald Street Kennels is ready to crown the winner. Mutt Madness started with hundreds of submissions even before the competition was narrowed down to 64. It's been a long, emotional and exhausting ride but these mutts have held on strong.

Many of the mutts won't go home empty-handed because we've got a stack of Boise Music Festival tickets for those eliminated from the Slobberin' 16 bracket, a fun gift for those eliminated from the GRRReat 8 and Emerald Street Kennel Cash for those who moved on even further to the Fido 4 and now the Finals.

Who will make it into the position of top dog?




The voting has come to a close. Check back for the results on Wednesday, April 13th!