A Nampa couple was shocked to find a woman that claimed she was renting the house the couple was trying to sell.

According to KIVI-TV, the couple went to check on the vacant home that they've been trying to sell to find a woman and children living in the home.  The couple said the lights were on both inside and outside the home, sheets were covering the windows and kids were playing in the yard.

They confronted the woman who said she had a lease agreement and rented the house from a man who's address ended up tracking back to a homeless shelter in Portland. Naturally the couple went to the police because this seemed highly illegal.

Surprisingly, the Nampa police said they're not investigating the couple's case because the matter is civil and not criminal in manner.  Basically, the couple has now acquired the role of landlord even though they've never put the house up for rent.

The couple told the woman she'd have to leave by 6 PM last Sunday and changed the locks.  They ended up getting a call from the police saying that if the woman wanted to break a window to get back in saying she had every right to.

Needless to say they're mind boggled and will face the woman in court on Monday.