Mike, who lives in Nampa has turned his embarassing back hair into something that is making lives better. It's all because of a "Calend-hair". Want one? 

At first, reading about poor Mike in Nampa, I felt bad and then I thought it was a little gross. Shortly after, I slapped myself and read about why this back hair art was even a thing. Shame on me for any judgement at all.

For years (since high school), Mike has been embarrassed by his back hair. 2008 was the first time he had it shaved. Now, he's having it shaved for a purpose.

Ladies and gentlemen, you'll be able to purchase a Calend-hair in no time. For each month, Mike has a design shaved into his back. The design coincides with the theme of the month. KTVB did a report on the hairy situation (see what I did there?). He's also trying to get on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Does anyone have connections? How cool would it be to see him on the show. "A Nampa man..."