An investigation is underway at West Middle School in Nampa after a student claims his sixth grade STEM teacher made fun of his pants in front of the class.

The 11 year-old student tells Channel 6 that he was joking around with the teacher by raising his hand saying, "I'm obviously the best in the class, right?" He was shocked when the teacher responded with, "I wouldn't choose you because you wear girl pants."  The student says the teacher was serious about the comments regarding his skinny jeans and was NOT playing around.

The family tried to address the teacher and principal at a parent-teacher conference but received push back from the administration.  They allegedly told the family they didn't want to hear anymore about the "skinny jeans" incident and they would be arrested if they didn't leave the campus immediately.

The district is interviewing faculty and staff to narrow down exactly what happened in that classroom and will go as far to bring in an outside party to investigate objectively.  The teacher has NOT been disciplined at this time.

The student's sister has created a Facebook page demanding an apology and it's where friends, family and community members have come together to support the student by wearing purple (his favorite color and skinny jeans.)