Is your mutt still in the bracket? Did you pick your champion only to have them go out in the first round? See which mutts made it to the top 32 and vote to narrow down to the Slobberin' 16. 

Now is when things get real!

Congratulations to each mutt mommy or daddy for making the top 32, you have all won a pair of Boise Music Festival tickets.

All of these four-legged-friends have an army of people behind them cheering them on and lovin' the stuffin' outta them! You know what I'm talking about. Our voices get higher, we talk to these cute little dogs like they are the only thing that matters in life and we snuggle them until we can't snuggle any more. I get it. Oh, do I get it.

Now let's narrow the mutts down to the Slobberin' 16 bracket.

Emerald Street Kennels is ready to ante up some exclusive prizes for your sweet mutt.

Take a peek through each "region" to see the matchups and which doggie you want to move on to the next round.


Vote and share. If you're determined to get your mutt into the Slobberin' 16, send this to anyone and everyone you know. It's okay to have massive pride in your pooch! Voting ends on March 27th at 12noon.


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