If you gag every time you see another one of your high school friends post that they got engaged on Facebook, today might be the day to abstain from social media!  It's National Proposal Day and here's 7 things you may not know about getting engaged.


  • 1

    60% Of Brides Get A Mani For #ringselfies

    A #ringselfie is pretty much a social media obligation after he pops the question and brides-to-be take this Team Serious.  In case you were wondering 37% of engaged women post the picture within the first hour of getting the ring.


  • 2

    Romance In The Proposal > The Ring

    In a recent survey, David's Bridal found out that 56% of women rather have a romantic proposal (unlike mine) than be in love with their ring.  Men, I still suggest finding out her favorite style in engagement rings though!

  • 3

    Most Women Want A Private Proposal

    Scoreboard at the Steelies game? Nope.  Flash mob? Nope. YouTube Video? Nope.  Must ladies would prefer to have their proposal NOT be a viral video type moment.


  • 4

    Guys Still Don't Want Women To Propose

    With as screwed up as modern dating is, it's refreshing to see this tradition stick around.  A mere 7% of men say it'd be ok for their girl to propose.  Only 2% of women actually want to do it.

  • 5

    Diamonds Are The Most Popular Engagement Ring

    Surprised? Neither am I.  But, I have a friend that got a pearl ring from her now hubby.  That was kind of neat looking!

  • 6

    The Price Of Your Engagement Ring May Determine Your Future

    A study showed that those who threw down $2-4K for an engagement ring were 1.3x more likely to get divorced than those who spend between $500-$2K.  But don't spend less than $500, because that was linked to a failed marriage as well.


  • 7

    The Average Engagement Is About 14 Months

    No need to rush it folks!  Do what's right for your relationship.  Personally, my ex was pushing for the wedding to happen too quickly which ran me off.