All month we’re covering some of the scariest movies you can watch at home or out and about in the Treasure Valley.

Today, we delve into "American Psycho."

Before Christian Bale played the Dark Knight, he played the twisted serial killer Patrick Bateman. Successful Wallstreet investment banker by day, demented slayer by night, the movie follows Bateman's decent into insanity.

Technically, this is a horror film. If you dig deeper, you'll find more elements of psychological thriller, drama, and suspense. The movie does lean on the gory side, but it does its job of moving the story along and helping you get inside Bateman's head.

Definitely not one for the kids, but "American Psycho" is a must if you've ever had a penchant for Hitchcock, or Brad Pitt in "Se7en." I highly recommend it.

"American Psycho" is currently streaming on Hulu.