All month we're covering some of the scariest movies you can watch at home or out and about in the Treasure Valley.

Today, we delve into "Nightmare On Elm Street."

It was Johnny Depp's first movie, and the birth of a horror icon. Freddy Krueger terrorizes the teens of Elm Street in this 1984 classic. Many credit it as the beginning of the slasher genre that was so popular in the 80's (alongside Friday The 13th, and Halloween).

A remake was released in 2010 starring Jackie Earle Hayley as Krueger, but nothing tops the original.

You can catch "Nightmare On Elm Street' as the Boise Public Library Thursday October 13th as part of the Idaho Horror Film Festival. It's completely free, but you may not want to bring the kids. This movie is still nightmare fuel.

In case you forgot, just check out the infamous bathtub scene: